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Partners With Love and Faith

תורמים למכון מאיר, מחזקים את האברכים ומפיצים תורה בישראל ובעולם

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Machon Meir is a Beit Midrash and Torah Center in Jerusalem for deepening Judaism through the path of Rav Kook, with an emphasis on Balei Teshuva, under the leadership of Rav Dov Begun. There are departments for the different languages and a Hebrew Ulpan for new Olim. The Machon also runs the Beit Midrash on the internet and the Arutz Meir channel for children's programming.
Understandably the Machon's expenses are very large and there is great difficulty upkeeping this great project. Be partners in supporting Machon Meir.

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In Mizrahi Bank
Bank #20, Branch #539, Account #128018

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After the deposit send the reference to Fax #0732379813

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